The Reason It All Started

A lot of thought went into starting Stelvio Selections. I guess you could say it began over eight years ago, on my first trip to France. I was twenty at the time, fairly unaware of the world outside of the Southeast. A bike race, the Route du Sud, was the reason for the trip to France, yet I don’t even remember how that race went. What I do remember is the week beforehand that we spent in Provence, riding through the vineyards and visiting wineries like Chateau St. Cosme. Each day was a new eye-opening experience.

It was that trip to France and the exposure to some great wines of the area that sparked my interest in the industry and I’ve been hooked ever since. Before that trip, I never understood wine. Now, still nowhere close to understanding it, I find that that is what excites me. Everything is evolving, from the wine itself to the vineyard sites, and you just don’t want to miss any step of the way.

After thoughts of working in the restaurant and retail industries, I landed on starting my own distribution company. Being a distributor gives me the opportunity to work directly with some prestigious growers from areas I’ve raced through and fallen in love with. It’s that direct connection to the growers, villages and culture that I enjoy most. Knowing the story behind the wine is what makes the world of wine so captivating and Stelvio was born to bring those stories and wines to Colorado.

Written by admin_tyler

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